Five Star Investigations Inc.

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What Services Do We Offer?

At Five Star investigations Inc., our services can range from personal to professional in nature. We have a well-trained team to assist in every way possible. We do all investigations in a discreet manner according to the wishes of our clients. The services that we offer are:

Insurance Investigations

These investigations include worker’s compensation fraud, liability, fire and accident reinvestigation cases.

Background Investigations

The background checks that we do are in-depth and include past employment verification, credit history, previous addresses, and criminal history.

Loss Prevention
Known as Store Detective Help, this assists companies in reducing and deterring losses from theft and fraud.

Store Testing

Known as Mystery Shopping, this provides specific information about products and services in the client company.

Domestic Investigations

Known as martial or spousal investigations. We will provide information on the person(s) of interest that is requested by our client.

Process Serving

Involves tracking down and serving individuals with notices of court actions.

Internal Surveys/Undercover Investigations

These investigations are used when a company has a specific problem that must be defined and resolved in a discreet manner.

Debt Collection

We will recover payment on overdue bills. We will negotiate repayment plans with debtors, and help them find solutions to make paying their overdue 

bills easier.

Legal Investigations

These services are performed for litigators in large law firms. These types usually involve reconstructing accidents scenes, as with insurance companies, or finding evidence to refute the opposing counsel’s legal strategy

Asset Investigation

This involves assisting our clients in finding lost, stolen, or hidden property and assets.

Missing Persons Investigations

This involves finding and locating individuals who have disappeared under various circumstances.

Skip Tracing

This is much like a missing persons investigation except in this circumstance the individual in question is typically hiding in an attempt to avoid a legal situation such as a lawsuit or debt collection action.